New “Parking Lot” Practice in Classrooms


Jennifer Rodriguez, Senior Writer

As we begin a new school year, we go through many changes and add-ons. Many teachers have implemented a new strategy in their classrooms called “Parking Lot.”

This practice consists of a particular spot where students can go and write specific questions in post-it notes. This is intended to encourage shy students, or others, to anonymously ask the questions they are too scared to ask in front of others.

This way the teacher can then collect the post-it notes left in the “Parking Lot” and answer them during class time. If it is a very detailed question, the teachers can post the answers on Google Classroom, elaborating it further.

“I love this new thing the teachers came up with because sometimes you are scared to look dumb for asking a question,” senior Leonardo Perez said. “This way you can ask whatever you want.”

Many new students, especially freshman, could be intimidated with a new environment and prefer to ask questions anonymously.

“You all can feel free to ask any questions and I will make sure I answer them one way or another without addressing you,” English teacher Jay DeCoste said.