Yearbook party set for May 20

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Yearbook party set for May 20

Faithlyn Leveillee, Senior Writer

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It’s that time of year again with the end-of-year testing, parties, and graduation, including the annual tradition of the yearbook distribution party. This year the event will take place on Monday, May 20, and is being hosted in the Lego Gym.

In order to attend the celebration, you must purchase a yearbook, whether ordering one beforehand or buying one of the handful of extras, the book becoming the entry ticket for the event.

Book handouts will occur before school and throughout first period in the lower lobby. At second period, an announcement will release students with yearbooks to the Lego Gym.

The yearbook distribution party is an event that allows students to have fun, socialize, and get their yearbooks signed by friends in an easy, convenient setting. The party will provide snacks, drinks, and games as well as have a photo booth and music.

During the party, yearbook staff will taking photographs, posting them on their Instagram account for all to see. If you want to post your own photos, live, at the party, you can do so on Snapchat by posting on the distribution party story.

So, if you want your face to be seen during this event, please follow the Instagram account @cougarclawmedia.

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