Course selection pans out to be more difficult than predicted

Course selection pans out to be more difficult than predicted

Faithlyn Leveillee, Staff Writer

With the increase in students, the talk of more classes being added in the following years has also increased and the requests have begun to file in.

The conversation of new classes has sparked interest in many students, those who are not only interested in the soon to be added classes, but also those who are curious to see what other classes could be added in future years.

The school has a large range of career focused classes, from engineering to forensics and much more. Which has overall allowed students to get a taste of the career they may possibly be interested in.

“There’s some interest in trade classes that we don’t have such as cosmetology and auto mechanics. But I feel like we offer a lot and we have strength in certain programs and I know it’s a bit frustrating for the kids who don’t have an interest in the ones we happen to be strong in,” counselor Keyla Carroll said.

Cosmetology and fashion design have not only been shown to increase the student count in technology and art classes, but also have helped prepare students curious in that field of work.

Another situation addressed from students is the lack of diversity in the language department. Here, at THS, there are only three non-English classes, German, French, and Spanish.

“One of the questions that I get asked about recently is in foreign languages such as why don’t we offer more courses than the 3 that we have. The answer to that is though we don’t seem like it to the students, we are considered a smaller high school and a smaller district so right now we just don’t have enough students or staff to offer more choices,” counselor Karen Hill said.

But besides classes that are focused on career, students also complain that there are no classes made to prepare students for the real world and how to begin their lives.

It’s true that some students don’t have to necessarily worry about this until after college, but not every student is seeking to get a higher education. And even those who are, but aren’t able to pursue that goal could also use the extra information to help them after graduation.

Fortunately, there are some classes available to students that don’t touch every base, but definitely skim most in the life skills category.

“Some districts do (have this class), some districts use it through different classes like sometimes English classes will use lessons on writing a resume or letter of interest. A lot of that is handled through our business and business marketing and we also have another class called financial math that deals with buying a house, buying a car, credit cars, learning about the interest on a credit card, and how to get credit and classes like that do make,” associate principal John Vaglienty said.

A variety of classes is critical in a high school environment because it allows each student to find an interest as well as have their interests represented in the school. It allows each student to be a part of a small community within the vast campus.

“The state changes and they introduce new courses, usually every couple of years, and there’s a lot of courses out there, so we have to look at what kind of certifications our teacher have, what are the interests of the students and if there’s enough requests from kids,” Vaglienty said.

Schools need new classes and the requests from students helps administrators see and learn what kind of classes students are interested in.

“It’s all about student interest,” Vaglienty said.