Charms succeed at first competition

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Charms succeed at first competition

Keira Lynch, Staff Writer

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The Charms have recently been working on their routines for this past competition, which was their first, since early September and all the hard work has turned out to be worth it.

“It was a very long day, but it went by really fast,” Kennedy Babb said, “While we weren’t dancing we were either walking around, eating, or watching other teams dance. It was my first competition with the team so I thought I would be very overwhelmed, but I ended up having a lot of fun. But overall the competition was really fun, and very rewarding.”

The team had four categories, along with officer scores. They had Jazz(97,97,98), Military(96,96,97), Lyrical(95,96,97), and Kick(95,96,97). With the officer categories, there were Jazz(96,95,97), Contemporary(96,96,97), and lastly Modern(94,95,96). Each score was out of 100 for each judge. The team got tied for first place over all, in the medium high school division.

“We had a lyrical dance which was dedicated to our moms, and we held a picture frame with our mom holding us as a newborn baby to symbolize the hard work that moms go through. We did this since Mrs. Huebner is going through that now with her pregnancy,” Hayleigh Lear said. 

Between every performance they had a hair and costume change. They had crazy makeup on just to have more fun with it.

“We also had a jazz dance which was strong and brave we had a military dance which had an angry and strong type of feeling to it. And we had a kick routine which was basically like a party. It was very energizing and fun, and we ate pixi stix before the dance to get us pumped up. We also did a little chant in a big huddle before every team performance, that also helps us get pumped up,” Lear said.

They also had seven solo competitors, with five of them placing.

“In all it was really fun and not just about winning even though we do it the best,” Lear said, “You really get to bond with the girls through it all.”

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