Super Wolf Blood Moon to appear soon

Nathan Mahaffey, Senior Writer

Image of Blood Moon Eclipse-may give you an idea of how it will look this month!

Interested in taking someone special stargazing sometime this month? Luckily, there will be a Super Wolf Blood Moon lunar eclipse during the night hours on January 20th, and will go into the early hours of the 21st.

This will be the last total lunar eclipse until 2021, so this is a first come first serve event for people looking to get out for the evening and see something special with their families and friends.

The name of this particular lunar eclipse is special in that the “blood” portion refers to the red hue that appears on the moon during the eclipse; the “super” portion refers to the size of the moon that will appear to us on Earth due to it’s close distance to our planet during the eclipse. The “wolf” portion refers to name Native Americans would use for each full moons which would take place throughout the years.

According to TIME’s Magazine, the eclipse will be visible from the Americas, Greenland, Iceland, parts of western Europe, and parts of western Africa.

Seeing the eclipse will be a perfect event for sight-seeing and a great opportunity to make memories, especially after all of the hard work and time students put into schoolwork. So be sure to watch the Super Wolf Blood Moon eclipse later this month.