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Community Writing Project kicks off this summer

Ollie Bream, Staff Writer

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As summer nears many students need something to read to keep their minds busy. And who can be bothered enough to read those pesky summer reading books?

Instead, you can choose to read a novel that is actively being written by members of the Tomball community and other surrounding areas.

Lakisha Sparrow along with the Tomball Community Library, has pulled together a team of writers to work on a very unique undertaking.

It’s called the Tomball Community Writing Project and is a 16 and up group of writers who will each write one chapter and pass the story onto the next writer. No one writer has an outline of where the story is intended to go, and each update is a surprise based solely upon the existing chapters.

Kind of like the game where one person writes a sentence/ and the others follow up, but on a much larger scale.

The first update will be available on Wednesday, June 20th. Readers can go to the Harris County Public Library website, click Locations, and choose Tomball. Or they can use this link – The book should be finalized in October.

The HCPL website will link readers to the tumblr blog that the novel will be posted on, as of now it is

Happy Reading!

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Community Writing Project kicks off this summer