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New lower lobby security measures

Sabrina Ulloa, Opinion Editor

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New security measures are being taken due to the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. One such measure will have Ken Walters, a former juvenile probation officer, hired to keep an eye out in the lower lobby.

“Keeping the back door safe and make sure nobody comes in that’s not supposed to or sneaks out,” Walters said is his main priority.

Before Walters was hired, the lower lobby was pretty much unwatched the whole time. Students and teachers could come in and out the school without anyone knowing, which is why Walters is now there as a precaution.

“[I’m observing for] ID badges or if kids/older people that don’t look like adults that look questionable and stop,” Walters said.

Ken Walters standing at lower lobby. Photograph taken by Desarae Rudel.

“Especially this day and time.”

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New lower lobby security measures