Houston rated one of nation’s fastest growing cities

If one were to look at a picture of Tomball’s main streets from 10 years ago, they would seem almost unrecognizable. The small city of Tomball has seen a rise in both business and population, and its roots can be found in Houston.

A recent Yahoo article highlighted the top five fastest growing cities in the nation, three of which were Texas towns.

Houston was ranked #2, right below Austin coming in at #1. San Antonio was ranked #5.

The oil industry is booming in Texas, and Houston is the front-runner. Right now, there are approximately 6.3 million residents in the metropolitan city.

With the new highway being built by 249, even more traffic and business is expected to take place.

Students are taking notice of this career opportunity.

Senior Adam Bergeron plans to major in either chemical or mechanical engineering after high school so he can work in the oil field.

“It seems like a profitable and good field to go into in our area,” said Bergeron, who plans on staying in Texas after graduation.


Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/5-fastest-growing-cities-182322450.html