THS steps in, helps out West

Leanne Haas, Co-Editor

Last month, in the town of West, Texas, a fertilizer plant caught fire and exploded on April 17, 2013 at around 7 P.M.

The victims were mostly firefighters who responded to the call; 14 people were killed, more than 200 were injured, and over a hundred homes were destroyed in the area.

THS has raised over $8,000 in donations collected by FFA, as well as from sales from the Cougar Den coffee shop and the Red Cross Club’s muffin stand.

Student Council collected money from all three lunches one week.

“When people have hard times, it is always an honor to be at a school where everyone steps up, and lends a helping to make a difference for so many.” Dio said.

FFA teacher Jessica Reeves thinks the motivation came from the fact that the tragedy happened “so close to home.”

Coach Badley grew up in West, and has many friends still there. His house that he rents out is still intact.

“Every time a name of a new victim comes out, it hits home” Badley said.

The Salvation Army has donated about $200,000 to the West, Texas victims. Many rumors went around that the Boston Marathon and the West Explosion were connected, but they weren’t related.