Students outraged over loss of atrium

Leanne Haas, Staff Writer

Being a senior at THS has its perks. They are the oldest in the school and are entitled to respect. They have more authority than lower classmen. They also have early release, better lockers, and most importantly the senior atrium – and until this year, it has been used as an escape from underclassmen during lunch.
Last year, students were free to use their atrium during lunch, but this year both atriums are locked – a major letdown for many.
“I think it’s unfair,” said senior Allison Ford. “Last year, it was open for the seniors. This year it’s not.”
The closing of the atriums is due to a new system that will be in place by the end of the first six weeks. Students must earn the privilege to use the atriums, similar to renaissance rewards. “We are going to use it as student recognition,” said AP Kim McKinney.
Keryn Steed, a senior who has been looking forward to all of her senior perks, is not happy with the decision.
“I’m really mad, and I don’t think it’s fair,” she said. “Why can’t they trust the new seniors?”