Artist’s work has deeper meaning


Artwork by Alex Flores

This artwork carries an emotional attachment for its creator.

Vanessa Lezama, Staff Writer

Sophomore Alex Flores found art to be a safespace where she could express creativity and emotion. In her sketch assignment for art class, Alex decided to create a faded butterfly as a gift for her mother.

Alex’s late grandmother “loved butterflies,” Alex said, “She was such a strong woman but in the last months, she was slowly fading away.” She represented this in her sketch by creating a beautifully shaded butterfly that blends out. 

Alex simply chose art to get her required fine art credit out of the way, but instead, she found something that she’s passionate about where she can creatively channel her feelings.

“Art helps me relax, take stress away, and just focus on the art itself,” she said. “Nothing else.” 

Everybody needs a way to express themselves and their creativity. And Alex is one of many people who have found the art program to be the perfect safe space to channel their emotions and creativity into impressive works of art.