2022 must-watch Christmas movies


Courtesy of Disney+

Tim Allen returns as Santa Claus.

Charlotte Hildebrandt, Staff Writer

Christmas is a time for relaxation, family fun, and classic Christmas movies. Around 60% of families have reported enjoying watching holiday classics around this time. Sometimes, we need some new ideas for future Christmas holiday classics. Without further ado, here is the new 2022 Christmas holiday movies list.

The Santa Clauses 

Reaching his 65th birthday, Scott Calvin has recognized the need to retire. However, in the haste of wanting to go back to the customary world, he may have chosen a Santa who was not yet fit for the job. As his two children attempt to adapt to this new world, he recognizes that he must take them back to save Christmas. The new Santa is destroying the Christmas spirit and has caused several elves to go missing. To save the Christmas spirit, Santa must return to the north pole to make things right. This is a beautiful addition to the Santa Clause movies created before this, and he made itself into one of the top ten Christmas series.


Spirited is a musical based on the Charles Dickens classic, The Christmas Carol. Every year Christmas Present finds one “Scrooge” to correct their actions. However, this year Christmas Present chose the wrong person. To turn the tables Christmas Present winds up seeing his present, past, and future. Not only that but on this wild adventure there is an utterly shocking plot twist that will rock your world. Watch Spirited on Apple TV to find out more about this incredible experience.

Rise of the Guardians

The evil spirit Pitch Black has launched an assault on Earth. The guardians must rise and defend the children from the dangers of “the boogeyman” (also known as Pitch Black). There are many inconveniences along the way, including Jack Frost’s doubt in his ability to defend Earth. The guardians must convince him that he is worthy of protecting others. Meanwhile, the children are starting to lose faith in holiday icons’ abilities to safeguard Earth. They must prove to all they are worthy to fight for the security of Earth and defeat the wicked spirit of Pitch Black. If you are looking for a family-friendly movie, Rise of the Guardians is a must-watch for all.

Home Alone

Christmas is not truly Christmas until you watch the holiday classic, Home Alone. Kevin McCallister is stuck in a house with his massive family, along with several others. He makes the brutal mistake of saying “I wish you would all just disappear!” To his surprise, they do and he is home alone left to fend for himself for a total of two days. Meanwhile, the notorious “wet bandits” have made Kevin’s house their prime target and he must determine how to properly defend his household. In this movie, Kevin goes through a series of hilarious antics to protect his beloved house. Home Alone is a must-watch comedy for all, and as said before, Christmas isn’t Christmas until you’ve watched Home Alone.