TCP students find the melody and earn a spot at Area auditions


Credit to Emily Isaacks

Both girls with their instruments ready to perform with the top Region Band

Natalia Martinez, News Editor

Many band students throughout the state learn 3 etudes as well as chromatic/all 12 major scales. This process starts mid-July and continues until mid-Feb. The first audition is for Phase 2 Region, then they move to Area, Phase 2 Area, and lastly All-State band to perform for the TMEA Convention in San Antonio.

Out of around 70 TCP band student that auditioned, two made it to Area band auditions, their names are Jeyne Figueroa and Emily Isaacks.

“With teachers and private lessons, it helps you with what you do. I definitely wanted to make them proud, but mostly it was for me,” said Junior Emily Isaacks, “I leave class early when I can, use cougar block, and stay for hours after school to practice to do as much as I can.”

Pressure can equal progress but the most progress is made with dedication. This dedication throughout the years proved to move them to make it better players and performers.

Emily plays the Contra-Bass Clarinet, which is the lowest pitched of the commonly used clarinets. Emily began playing at 11, on the clarinet which is about a 5th of what she plays now in size comparison. Band has helped her prove that her multitasking skills are better than she believed, balancing an eight minute marching show and the etudes.

When asked about why she switched to the contra-bass clarinet Isaacks said “Ever since I started in band I wanted to play clarinets that were bigger so I’ve finally got to what I wanted to play.”

During the audition process, they were put in a room with a group who play the same instrument. The judges sat facing the opposite way of them with a curtain in between used to prevent any favoritism. While many can feel unease about it, Emily felt completely relaxed, with the stress off her shoulders knowing that she gets to play the music she know well and perform for people who don’t know who Emily is.

Jeyne plays the Bass Clarinet, it is a large clarinet that is lower in pitch by an octave than the ordinary B-flat clarinet.  Last year, she earned a spot in the Freshman Region Band which boosted her confidence for the upcoming year. With that in mind, she has spent most of her time on her instrument just improving her abilities. Whether that be during cougar block, lunch, extra time in class, and even after school.

Jeyne not only participates in private lessons but, she has also asked many of the upperclassman in her section to listen on her etudes. Allowing for different perspectives that eventually led to the different judges moving her onward.

She started on the clarinet at Creekside Park JH in 6th grade. Each student was given the chance to practice how to make sound on different instruments, leading her heart to decide on a woodwind instrument. Not only that, but her siblings played the saxophone. She looked for something that would challenge her.

“Band has given me a chance to make a lot of friends and has helped my personality expand,” said Jeyne, “I love the feeling of performing something I know it my passion.”

While band may be a simple hobby for some, these girls both believe that music is in their future.

“Leaving the room knowing that you’ve performed the best you have is the best feeling,” said Emily, “I certainly can’t wait for that again at Area and getting to meet people I’ve never seen before.”

The Area Band Auditions will be Jan. 17 at DeKaney HS. They will be up against Regions 9, 10, 27 , and 35.