Meghan Schilder at home on the ice

Meghan Schilder at home on the ice

Saige Klein, Creativity Editor

Meghan Schilder is skating through high school.

While Texas is the place for sports like football, one THS junior has a passion for the rink, spending afternoons and weekends perfecting every move.

Meghan has been skating since she was seven years old, and for roughly 10 years skating has allowed Meghan to express herself in a way most people can’t.

“Skating is really important to me because I’ve been an ice skater forever and I can’t imagine my life without it,” Meghan said.

Meghan’s first skating performance

While Meghan was born and raised in California, she moved here about a year ago. That not only meant uprooting her life, family, and friends but also changing her rink. She was fortunate enough to have found a rink where she can skate and express herself close to where she lives.

While skating is one of her many passions, it also comes with nerves and a hard time. Everybody has that one thing that they may enjoy, but still face problems.

“I don’t enjoy falling which happens a lot. Luckily I’ve never had a bad accident or broken anything but I’ve definitely had big bruises covering my legs,” she said.

And while Meghan has gotten nervous before a competition before, it’s never something she can’t beat.

“Even when I’m super nervous before I go on the ice at a competition, I know that when it’s over I’m gonna feel so exhilarated,” Meghan said.

One of Meghan’s most recent skating performers was the Nutcracker where she played a dancing French girl.

“Since I only moved here a year ago, I’ve only done the Nutcracker for two years, but it has been one the best experiences in my figure skating career,” she said. “Getting to perform for a crowd of over 500 people is a super exciting.”

While Meghan is not 100% sure what she wants to do after high school, she has started teaching little kids at her rink to help her with her coaching skills. This will allow her to be able to coach during college so she can still have an outlet to skate.