Lighting up the holidays: Where to find memorable holiday sights


Picture of Santa’s Wonderland in College Station taken by Sarah Walden

Charlotte Hildebrandt, staffwriter

Admiring holiday lights is a favorite tradition for many; from the comfy pajamas, to the warm hot chocolate, going to look at beautiful holiday displays is appealing to all ages. Whether by car or on foot, families and friends come together for nights of lights and cheer. Listed below are some amazing areas to look at holiday displays around the Houston area!

Prestonwood Forest Nite of Lights

The Prestonwood Forest Nite of Lights festival has been a tradition for around 40 years. Starting Dec. 11, residents and guests can go around the neighborhood and even judge the houses and blocks, deciding which one they think is best. Wandering judges may go around and ask viewers which light display is best and judge accordingly. Going to this neighborhood is an amazingly festive event that has become a tradition for many.

Santa’s Wonderland (College Station)

Santa’s Wonderland is open in College Station from Nov. 11 to Dec. 30 for their 25th annual Christmas lights festival. There are a variety of activities to participate in, such as Santa’s hayride, meeting Mr. and Mrs. Claus, ice skating, and several other enjoyable activities. Santa’s Wonderland also provides food and drinks, live music, and a gift shop for all of your needs.

Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo lights are available starting Nov. 18 and ending Jan. 8, all zoo members who purchase tickets will receive 20% off the original price. The zoo offers special events, such as life-sized lights of the animals, a new light tunnel, and an interactive dance floor for all ages. A Sensory Friendly Night is also available to those who have sensory issues, and will be held on Monday, Dec. 5th. Tickets for all events are available on the Houston Zoo website.

River Oaks

Last, but most certainly not least, is River Oaks. Their extensive mansions and incredible display of lights are unforgettable. Most homeowners typically decorate their houses after Thanksgiving and take them down at the start of January, meaning anyone who wants to view them does not have to abide by certain dates. Viewers are also available to park and view the houses on foot.

Anyone interested in viewing these amazing sites should do so immediately. So go ahead and grab your hot chocolate, put on some pajamas, and enjoy these great holiday lights!