Review: “Only Murders In The Building” a murder mystery knee-slapper


Katherine Holland, Staff Writer

Only Murders In The Building season one took to the screens in August of 2021 with a flash of success. The show stars Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez as a trio of mystery podcast fanatics. When a tenant of their New York City apartment building, The Arconia, is found dead, they are sure that it’s foul play. Throughout the season the trio finds new suspects, clues, and unguessable plot twists that leave the viewer hanging onto their seat. In season two, which released in June of 2022, yet another murder is committed in the building, this time with a twist to the investigation; one of their own is the prime suspect.

“The dynamics between the characters, even the background characters, made it really fun,” said freshman Lia Grigsby, who continues to watch and tune in when each new episode airs. “The elements of comedy mixed with mystery added to it, too. I really liked how they just had no idea what they were doing, they were just some true crime lovers that wanted to make their own podcast and solve the murder of this guy in their building.”

As for me, I would highly recommend this show. I watched the first season when it came out and have just completed season two, and was by no means let down. I was advertised a crime mystery full of laughs, and that’s what I got. Though I do have a special place in my heart for any and all comedic mystery shows, this one immediately shot to the top of my charts.