What’s Next For Theatre? We Have A ‘Clue’ For You


Katherine Holland, Staff Writer

Steel Magnolias came to a powerful end on Tuesday, Sep. 20. With the school’s first show over, what comes next?

The second production of the year will be Clue (based on Hasbro’s game and tv show of the same title). Featuring a skilled cast, it tells the story of six mysterious guests who have arrived at a remote mansion for a dinner party. When their host turns up dead, the night whirls into one of mistrust, blackmail, and murder.

It will be opening on Nov. 10 and closing on Nov. 14. The cast will be practicing as much as they can to bring you the best show possible, so make sure you stop by to see the production in a couple of weeks. The tickets will be $10 online and $12 at the door. They must be purchased at least two hours before your performance of choice. 1,304 tickets were sold for Steel Magnolias, and the cast and crew hope to beat that during the running of Clue. Similar to Steel Magnolias, Clue will also be double cast.

The cast will include…

Naomi Chad and Bryler Page as Wadsworth

Lia Grigsby and Kendall Rickett as Mrs. White

Presley Mazzapica and Gabby Velazquezas Miss Scarlet

Canaan Bowles and Brian Lewey as Mr. Green

Judah Bowles and Neil Granat as Professor Plum

Adalyn Campbell and Addie Cox as Mrs. Peacock

Serenity Cundiff and Tyler Kerstetter as Mr. Boddy

Bradley Fomar and Turner Schiel as Chief of Police

Lily Howell and Kei Montejo as The Cook

Ben Kolbuck and Mason Mattox as Colonel Mustard

Eloise Masciola and Allie Postus as Yvette

Declan Matthews and Pearl Robertson as The Motorist

Elizabeth Northway and Braeden Smith as The Unexpected Cop

Ashley Smith and Jordan Till as Singing Telegram Girl

Jack Kable and Elizabeth Northway as Wadsworth Understudy

Elijah Agan, Jessie Cox, Harry Grappa, Darren Izumi, Trey Jackson, Jack Kable, Darnell Lockward, and Texas McBride as Backup Cops

As well as the crew…

Eliza Andrissyan (Assistant stage manager)

MaryHelen Bucklin (Stage manager)

Ella Caouette (Stage manager)

Analia Marquez (Assistant stage manager)