National Dessert Day: make today a little sweeter


Emma Parada

There are many amazing bakeries around town, check some of these out.

Charlotte Hildebrandt, Staff Writer

Every day has a national day ranging from National Ask a Stupid Question Day to the Night of the Radishes.

Wow, those are some weird ones.

October 14th is National Dessert Day. Here are several amazing places to buy desserts in the area:

Common Bond

If you want an experience similar to The Cheesecake Factory with less traffic and a calm surrounding area, this is your place. It has decadent desserts such as macarons, heavenly tarts, and lemon gateau.

The Cheesecake Factory

Anybody who has ever been to The Cheesecake Factory can agree that dining there is an experience. Whether it’s classic cheesecake or their newest pumpkin pecan cheesecake, you name it they probably have it. Not only does it have amazing outside decor but is almost always surrounded by beautiful areas.

Pine Street Eats and Sweets

Pine Street Eats and Sweets is loved by several members of Tomball, their food and desserts have a more cabin-like feeling than most bakeries. However, that’s what makes it original and a restaurant that should be put on your to-be-eaten list. All of their desserts have a low price range of around just $4 and these aren’t just some low-quality desserts, most would rate these to be around five stars.


Not only is Smallcakes an amazing bakery, but it also is famous nationwide. Smallcakes have been mentioned on TV networks including The View, Cupcake Wars, and MTV. They have an amazing variety of cupcakes and ice cream flavors. They can even make flavors that seem bland into extraordinary desserts.

Half Baked

At Half Baked they take a unique approach to their cookies: They’re around three times bigger than the average cookie and are extremely filling (two to three bites will leave you full!). It’s almost as if they were a cake rather than a cookie. Some of their flavors range from the classic Sugar Cookie to their Gluten-Free Creme Brulee.