Review: Morbius a vampire that consumes blood, and your time


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Morbius was surprisingly bland, our film critic says.

Chris White, Film Critic

Morbius is the latest superhero film released by Sony. It stars Jared Leto, Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, Jared Harris, Al Madrigal, and Tyrese Gibson. The film is directed by Daniel Espinosa.

Biochemist Michael Morbius tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease, but he inadvertently infects himself with a form of vampirism instead.

Everyone can agree that the last couple of years has been a goldmine for superhero fans. Hollywood has been pushing out superhero movie after superhero movie, and people are happy, except Martin Scorsese.  

Believe it when I say that Morbius is the most bare bones superhero film of the last couple of years.  Everything in the film is bland, even the cinematography.  The film isn’t bad, it’s just very mediocre. There’s a lot to talk about, so make yourself comfortable.

The soundtrack must be mentioned first; the music was very slow in the sense that it had nothing new to offer the audience. In good movies, the score is used to further the plot in a scene. It could be used in a climactic battle, or when one of the heroes dies. The soundtrack in this film was so forgettable that I can barely remember any of it. Everyone can remember when the trailer for Morbius came out back in 2020. They used a famous composition from Beethoven called Fur Elise and remixed it to be in a more modern style. People were expecting it to resemble that, but it did not.

A major problem for the film is Jared Letto’s performance as Michael Morbius. He gives an unconvincing performance and most of his lines are very cliché. He did a better job playing the Joker in 2016s Suicide Squad ( controversial as it was.) Whenever his lips moved in that film, the only thing I could see was Jared Leto.

The action scenes were actually pretty entertaining honestly. The film uses slow-mo and closeups in the action scenes to give them an extra punch. For the most part, it works. However sometimes the effects become very tiresome at points. 

Most of the scenes with vampire Michael are shot like a horror movie. This was a decision that was very well integrated as it actually made the audience, including myself, scared.  Those scenes are great and all however it leaves you feeling like the director should have done more. This is one of the main reasons why Morbius didn’t reach its full potential.

Near the beginning of the film, we are introduced to Michael and his friend Milo through a flashback. The flashback sequence  felt very rushed and it left the audience wanting more of kid Michael.

Speaking of Milo, Matt Smith gives arguably the best performance in the entire film. His performance as Milo is menacing and creepy at the same. Despite the film’s boring nature, his performance actually makes me want to root for Jared Leto’s character.

When all is said and done, Morbius is a very bland film that has yet to reach its full potential. It has some great scenes here and there but It’s mostly very bland. If you’re wanting a film to kill some time, this would be said film.

Score: 4/10

Morbius is playing exclusively in theaters.