Review: The Batman. Pattinson carries on the caped crusader’s torch.


Jonathan Olley/DC Comics

The Batman and Catwoman.

Chris White, Film Critic

The Batman is the latest film reboot to enter the DC Cinematic Universe, starring Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Jeffery Wright, Colin Farrell, Paul Dano, John Turturro, Andy Serkis, and Peter Sarsgaard. The film is directed by Matt Reeves.

When the Riddler, a sadistic serial killer, begins murdering key political figures in Gotham, Batman is forced to investigate the city’s hidden corruption and question his family’s involvement.

The Batman is one of the greatest movies of 2022. Bold claim, right? Well, let me explain. It’s been many years since we got a proper standalone Batman movie. The last Batman actor to have his own standalone film was Christian Bale who wowed audiences with his down-to-earth performance, and of course we can’t forget the great Heath Ledger, an actor that got people talking for a long time after his incredible performance in 2008’s The Dark Knight.

After Ben Affleck wrapped up his time as the Batman in the Justice League movies, and Pattinson was revealed to be his replacement, many people were scratching their heads. As if that choice wasn’t controversial enough, Pattinson flat out refused to work out for the role as many other actors have done in the past. 

After news articles got hold of this, many people lost it. Some even said that Pattinson would be the worst Batman yet. After months and months of criticism and speculation, The Batman has finally been released … and yes, it’s as good as the Christopher Nolan films, possibly even better.

“Fear is a tool.” 

Those were the words uttered by Pattinson in the first few minutes of the movie. After hearing that, everyone’s grip on their velvet seats tightened as many people realized that this would be a darker Bruce Wayne/Batman than we’re used to seeing.  

This Batman is a hollow shell of the man he used to be, once robbed of all his happiness when his parents were killed. Gotham has molded him into a fighter, and fear is a tool to be used in that fight. That is the message Pattison is trying to convey in the first opening minutes. Matt Reeves does a great job of not forcing this message as it balances perfectly with Batman’s cold outlook.

The martial arts in the film are absolutely mesmerizing. Reeves goes the extra mile this time to deliver more than your average Batman punch. It’s so hard to keep up with all the martial arts utilized in the film as Pattison delivers the blows so fast, you’re gonna have to watch the film over and over again to catch every move. 

The score is dark and beautiful. Michael Giacchino lets everything loose to create a score that is both interesting and unique. The music is so good it wouldn’t be hard to imagine people associating the score with future Batman movies.

There are so many cool shots in the movie. The shots are so artistic, it’s almost moving in  a way. There were a few camera angles the audience chuckled at because of how cheesy they appeared to be. Those flaws were easily ignored because of how beautiful the film looked.

It’s hard to mention how amazing this film was without talking about the incredible supporting cast. It’s hard to give more attention to Zoe Kravitz’s character (aka Catwoman) as the audience was too focused on what Batman and the Riddler’s next move would be.

The deaths in the film were surprisingly gruesome. It reminded me of the traps from the movie franchise, “Saw.” These deaths were essential to making the Riddler appear as menacing as possible, and oh boy did they succeed.  Dano does an incredible job portraying the Riddler, so much so that most of the audience felt utterly disturbed by some of the things he did, and I loved it. 

It’s hard to talk about this film without spoiling some of the best scenes in the movie. The Batman is a masterpiece of cinematography, every breath has a meaning, every death has a purpose, every shot makes a difference. All those things combined makes The Batman one of the greatest superhero films of all time and definitely puts Pattinson on the map. Go see it.

The Batman releases exclusively in movie theaters March 4th.

Score: 10/10.