Colorguard program forming new campus club


Ashley Wilson

Band performing at halftime

Chris Rodriguez

A new opportunity has arisen at Tomball High as the Cougar Pride Colorguard is now creating a brand-new Colorguard club. This club gives students the opportunity to get involved in school activities while staying fit and having fun.

Not only do you get physical training from this club, you also get the chance to experience the colorguard off season, participate in their training, and hopefully get experience and passion for the sport so you can fully call yourself a TCP Colorguard member in the 2022 season.

“Colorguard creates a family. When I joined I didn’t have many friends, and now I’m about to graduate with a family.” said junior Co-Captain Joselyn Betancourt, who’s been in the program since her freshman year.

With many clubs, including colorguard, you can find yourself surrounded by a community with similar interests and likes, therefore the school encourages you to join a club, and make your high school experience more enjoyable.

“Colorguard has taught me to be positive and keep on smiling no matter what,” Destiny Morris said.

The TCP Colorguard, along with the TCP Band, have attended various competitions, including Battle at the Berry, UIL Region, and UIL Area.

By joining this club, not only do you get to see how the TCP Colorguard performs, and spin all sorts of flags, you get to learn how to do these things yourself.

“It’s an opportunity to learn new skills and to get comfortable performing in front of big groups of people.” said Color guard freshman Koletin Sanders.

With learning all these skills, you can get comfortable with people’s eyes on you, it will help you create commitment and practice habits, and increase confidence as you acquire rare new skills.

“Color Guard has helped me with my self esteem, I was not very confident last year but because of it I felt like I can actually be someone and help me continue to grow,” Erica Keen said.

Others agree about it being a confidence builder.

“People should join guard because it helped me gain confidence in myself and helped me grow as a person,” Jacqueline Perez said.

Colorguard club will meet every Monday, starting Nov. 27, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., and everyone in grades 7-11 are welcome to join them in the band hall.