Review: Cry Macho is a charming yet forgettable addition.

Chris White, Film Critic

Clint Eastwood is an amazing actor and director. He was one of the most well-known western film stars back in the 1960s, was the famous cop Dirty Harry in the ’70s. However, as the years slowly went on he began to turn to directing. 

People were a little confused by this at first. However, Clint Eastwood revealed in an interview that he was always into directing even before he started his career as an actor. Ever since he directed his first film, Play Misty for Me. 

He has been directing movie after movie with memorable characters and emotional storylines, such as Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino, The Unforgiven and Bridges of Madison County. 

His latest effort, Cry Macho, is a western film that stars Clint Eastwood, a washed up rodeo star that is tasked with bringing his EX-boss’s son to Texas in hopes of letting the boy escape his alcoholic mother.

The writing in this film was very standard for a Clint Eastwood movie. It had a lot of heart but it sometimes got a little cringy at certain points. Some scenes tend to drag a little bit with its dialogue. 

Along Eastwood’s great big journey of bringing Eduardo’s character through the Mexican border he encounters a bunch of characters both good and bad. 

One of the characters he meets is a woman named Marta, played by Natalia Traven. Over the course of the film they begin to fall for each other. After the movie ended I couldn’t help but wish that their relationship would be more explored.

One of the biggest strengths of the film was all the relationships Clint Eastwood’s character made. In a way Clint’s character is a damaged man. A person who’s life was riddled with accidents. By meeting the boy he feels as if he has a chance to bestow some of his knowledge to him.

In the end, Cry Macho is a fun film full of heartwarming moments and memorable characters. Sometimes I wish the movie would flesh out the character relationships a little bit but overall the movie had some memorable moments both good, bad, and ugly. Cry Macho is in theaters as well as on HBO Max.