Study tips to help with Final Exams

Hannah McCleney, Staff Writer

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Stressing out about finals? Having trouble studying? Well you are in luck, here are some great tips on studying for those monstrous tests.

Create your own study guide: Some high school teachers don’t give students a study guide before finals, as they expect you to read over your notes several times, and develop the study skills Creating your own study guide can help you study while you make it and you can help your friends study too! Fun right?

Organize a group study session:  Studying with friends is very helpful–if you actually study. Like with math for example, having multiple people doing the same problem can help get the right answer. History is a good subject to study with a group as well. But before you do this, think about who you will be with. Are they hyper active and distracting, or do they actually sit down and work when in groups? Also, don’t forget the snacks.

Take a break:  Learning a bunch of things at once is kind of hard when you are tired and drinking lots of coffee to keep yourself up. Plus it’s not healthy and you will probably spend most of your time in the bathroom peeing due to the coffee. So stop the coffee addiction and after you study one chapter, take a break. Maybe set a timer and take a short 15-to-30 minute nap.

Prioritize your study time:  Some exams may be more difficult so you might want to study longer for the more difficult subjects. You should still study for other subjects but maybe put a little less time in those easier subjects. Also don’t just read it over it again and again. That will get pretty boring pretty fast.

Color code it:  You should make each vocabulary word one color, things that need to majorly be remembered. Such as formulas, names and dates in another color. Especially for those history essay exams. Plus color coding is fun. Don’t forget to make yourself a key, so if you’re studying (actually studying) with friends, then your friends can understand why your papers are so colorful.

Make it fun: Studying can be pretty boring, so why not make a game out of it! For example, vocab. Vocab words are the worst, so when study then for a while then quiz yourself. If you get one wrong you get a power up and move on to the next level, but if you get one wrong you lose a life. Once you are out of lives you have to restart the whole game starting with the one you got wrong first. Kind of make it like dungeons and dragons and add some friends, but be careful. You don’t want to spend too much time making the game or the ultimate boss (the exam) will kick your butt! Another good way would be rewarding yourself. Like if you work out a math problem then you get a piece of chocolate, or play with your pet. You could also give yourself a couple minutes to relax after reviewing a whole chapter

You can find way more cool and awesome stuff to help you studying by looking on our friendly neighborhood superhero Google!

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