The Thai restaurant you never knew you’d love: Ploy’s Thai Cuisine

Staff Reports

Ploy’s Thai Cuisine is the perfect restaurant to visit when craving new, exciting flavors. Unlike other restaurants, Ploy’s has a wide variety of menu options for any kind of taste or diet, including vegetarian options.

The dishes come directly from the Thai owners’ recipe-book, proving the authenticity of the food offered. You can find everything from noodles and salads to seafood and curry, all well-seasoned and colorfully served in the Thai tradition.

Unlike in many other restaurants of the sort, the soups aren’t greasy and the spiciness is not extreme. All of the food looked, smelled and tasted delicious, comprising the three elements of an appetizing dish.

The service was always timely and polite, attentive to clients’ needs.

The place is decorated with murals and ornamental decorations that make the place feel like a flash Asian visit.

The prices are a bit more on the costly side, but the experience and the quality are worth it.