How to make your day go from bad to great


Alyssa Aceves, Staff Writer

We often have bad days, which are seemingly impossible to turn around. To help everyone suffering from chronic bad days out, here’s some tips on how to turn a bad day to a good day:

Surround yourself with close friends and family. The people who know you best and know how to make you smile when you need it are always good support. Just play some games, watch a movie, or tell stories to have a good night.

Sing and dance to your favorite songs to brighten up your day. Just forget about everything and move to the beat. You can do it wherever you desire, even if you can’t dance. Who knows? People might join you. 

Get off your phone. Everyone hears it so many times, and it can get annoying. But getting off your phone can help you learn new things just by noticing your surroundings, and being around people or doing things you enjoy. 

Treat yourself”, as Tom and Donna from Parks and Rec would say. Go do something that you enjoy and have some fun instead of staying home bored.

Spend some time alone. In the beginning of the article it says to spend time with people who are close to you, but it’s also important to be alone. Being by yourself can help you learn new things about yourself and find a way to be happy alone.  

Listen to music. Music will help you relax and change your mood. Just play some songs that will make you happy and there you go! Good vibes.

Just know that some bad days often end up being the best days. Always be positive through your bad days. Even though it’s hard, you’ll be happy you did.