Job hunting?

Tips to landing and keeping your first job

Though you will probably be making minimum wage as a teen, getting a job at this age is beneficial in the long run. And who couldn’t use a little extra spending money? Here are some tips to landing and maintaining that first job, whether it be in retail or fast food.

Smile at your interview
Smiling is a simple way to show your future employer that you’re a positive individual.

Interview Questions
Sometimes, an employer will ask you a trick question to get you to answer honestly. Ex: If you are asked if you have ever gotten in trouble for talking in class, say yes. It might sound negative, but employers want talkative, energetic people on staff. Just don’t goof off at work!
If you are in a group interview, try to answer every question first. It shows them that you are confident, a fast thinker, and can take control of a situation.

Dress Appropriately
While it should be a given not to show up in pajamas to an interview, it’s not necessary to dress up in a suit and tie. Dress as casual as the store itself. You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of jeans and a button-down.

Have a realistic schedule
Whatever you do, don’t work every day. Time will be needed for homework and projects, as well as downtime for yourself. It might sound like a good idea at first to get in as many hours as possible, but it can become stressful. Give yourself a break. Also, remember that some employers are better than others at working with students to keep a proper balance between work and school.