The Pickle Man a part of Tomball lore

Leanne Haas, co-editor in chief

It’s official – the famous statue Tomballians have passed every time they drive on Main Street for over a decade has an identity: it’s a pickle. Originally green, the “Pickle Man,” as many have come to know the cylindrical smiling statue, has had a long run in Tomball.
Before Pickle Man had been placed in its well-known spot, the lot in which it now stands was originally a furniture and hardware store. In the spring of 1992, however, the store burned down – and up from the ashes arose the Pickle Man.
The Pickle Man was chosen as the mascot of the Italian restaurant that took over the lot in 1994. Famous for its fried pickles, “Italian Food Fast” served just what its name suggested.
The restaurant eventually closed down, and the lot was then sold to a small used car dealership. Pickle Man was painted in what is his current attire: Red, white, and blue. Though he has lost his green physique, he will always be a pickle.
Just kidding. He’s in the process of being turned into a red pepper wearing a sombrero for a Mexican restaurant that will use the lot for extra parking.
One thing is certain, though: the Pickle Man has become a staple for Main Street culture, and could very well stay in this town for another decade, standing in his rightful place as keeper of Tomball weirdness.