Shah captures Miss Tomball crown

Leanne Haas, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Rachael Shah, a junior from Tomball Memorial High School, captured the crown in the 47th annual Miss Tomball pageant, held at Salem Lutheran Church on Nov. 17.

Shah receives a $1,000 scholarship from HEB and will serve as Miss Tomball for the upcoming year.

Following Rachel was Tomball High student Haley Moeller, voted first runner-up. Kelsey Zalesak, a THS student as well,  was voted Miss Congeniality by her peers.

“I’m so thankful the girls felt that way about me.” Zalesak said. “Miss Congeniality is definitely a title to be proud of.”

“These runner-up contestants and Miss Congeniality also deserve a great deal of respect” Miss Tomball Chair Sandy Krug said. “It is their participation and the collective spirit that Miss Congeniality represents, that makes the Miss Tomball Pageant such a special experience for every contestant.”

Zalesak came away from the event with more than a sash to wear.

“It was fun because you feel like a princess for a day, like Cinderella,” she said. “But there is a lot more that goes into it. Being in Miss Tomball gives you such a confidence boost and really gives you a positive way of thinking. You learn poise and presence.”

As for Haley Moeller, she is just happy to be part of the Tomball tradition.

“This experience wasn’t just a beauty pageant, it truly is an opportunity to represent a town that we love and live in, which is the biggest reward of them all,” she said. “It allowed me to become more confident in myself and with the fact that I wasn’t ashamed to be myself, no matter if I was being judged or not.”

Zalesak’s favorite experience, though, would have to be “the gratitude you get from the little girls who watch you in the parade the yell, ‘Look, it’s a princess!’ Is pretty heartwarming.”

Krug congratulated the winner, Rachael, on her success.

“This is a very competitive pageant with intelligent, lovely young ladies.” she said. “Her selection by our panel of independent judges deserves recognition for the true contest it represents. I am looking forward to working with Rachael throughout her reign this next year”.