Hunger for Hunger Games


Leanne Haas, Staff Writer

Grossing an estimated $155 million in the box office opening weekend, The Hunger Games has undoubtedly locked its position on the famous (or infamous, however you look at it) list of book series turn mega-bucks movie franchise.

 But like every novel to movieHollywoodtransformation, there are bound to be obsessive fans that nit-pick every detail left out in the movie.

For the most part, The Hunger Games movie followed closely to the development of the main characters, such as Katniss’ fiery personality, Gale’s protectiveness, Peeta’s bravery, and Haymitch’s drunkenness.

There were, however, important (or at least interesting) personalities that were left out in the movie that made a huge impact on the development of the main character, Katniss, such as the individual personalities of the tributes and the bubbly and talkative stylists (who were portrayed as stand-offish and quiet in the movie).

There were also important details left out, such as the fact that in the novel, the well-known mockingjay pin was given to Katniss by Madge (the mayor’s daughter). But in the movie, the pin was given by Katniss’ sister, Prim.

 This may not seem like such a big change, but it becomes an issue later on in the series, when Madge’s character appears in the second and third books. It will be interesting to see how the movie producers address this. Nonetheless, it will change up the plot if they do decide to not put Madge in the sequels to come.

However, for the most part, The Hunger Games movie stayed true to the main story and definitely did author Suzanne Collins justice. Breaking box office records and raking in more money than when Harry Potter or Twilight debuted, the odds are definitely in their favor.