App Review: Mobile Strike

App Review: Mobile Strike

Charlie Bose, Sports Editor

The most effective way to describe the game/app is disappointingly epic.

Disappointing because the game, yet again, is nothing like what’s seen on commercials. The game is presented as an action game, yet in reality is more of a strategy game that heavily resembles Clash of Clans.

It’s epic in that it’s still a good game.

The primary problems that come with the game are 1) nobody is active where your base is placed and 2) there are a handful of nerds that don’t have a life and spend real money on their fake fort to dominate others.

Albeit it’s still a good game, just not all it was hyped up to be.

Some advice for starting up, if you choose to be mainstream like me, make a bunch of resource facilities such as farms, refineries, quarries, and mines.

Also, make sure to do plenty of missions to increase the number of resources you have at a quick pace. Lastly, make sure to join an alliance. In an alliance, alliance members can assist you in production and in research, which is vital in competing online.

If you want to purchase the game, it’s free so you can just go to the app store and install it.