Album review: American Moments by Neave Trio

Charlie Bose, Sports Editor

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To be completely honest I didn’t realize classical music was still a thing up until this point. But apparently it hasn’t completely died out yet; In a way, though, I’m glad it’s not dead.

If your interested, go to the video below to listen to one of their concerts.

Track #1: Nice relaxing music with a piano and violin along with a cello playing in the background.

Track #2: More fast paced with the cello having more importance/volume.

Track #3: Dude not even kidding this song slows way down. It’s like the song was written to transport you into a deep sleep of peace and joy.

crusaderTrack #4: Not to sound like a hippie, but this song had such harmony to it.

Track #8: Personal favorite. It just sounded epic, as if crusaders were listening to this as they burnt down castles along the Jordan river or went hand to hand combat in the streets of Constantinople.



The reason why the names of the songs aren’t present is because classical music has weird ways of naming music. For example, they all seem to be latin, numbered, and further classified by what scale the song’s played in.

What really disheartened me about this album was the lack of diversity in the songs. It honestly felt like the same few songs were being played with only minor differences.

Also it would be nice if there were vocals, just saying.

Being fair, I have some prejudice do to simply not being a big fan of classical. So I do give them credit for being popular around the world in the underground community that listens to this music.

In conclusion, I hereby give this album a 4-out-of-10.

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