Movie Review: How to Train your Dragon, The Hidden World


Abi Baldwin, Features Editor

This past weekend I got the chance to see How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World, for the second time and I couldn’t help but fall for the movie all over again.  The third movie brings a bittersweet ending to the series that started back in 2010. The movie received a 91% rating on Rotten Tomato.

Plot overall was no too shabby, though it seemed to level off mid movie. It’s not that the movie became boring it just didn’t really change it’s tone, it got intense and dark and just plateaued there.  Also the ending was the biggest cliffhanger of the century besides Infinity War.  This movie was franchised as the LAST movie yet the ending left so many unanswered questions that if the animators wanted to they could make another movie or prequel.

Character development was also at it’s peak for the majority of characters besides the antagonist, Grimmel.  He wasn’t given a really in-depth background like the “villains” prior, there wasn’t a real intro to him or explaining of why he killed so many dragons, he was just a stereotypical “I’m evil because I’m evil” like many older Disney movies and even then they have some sort of objective or main goal.  His character was shallow and because of this it’s not a memorable character.

The animations of this movie were gorgeous.  Dreamworks is known for it’s stunning visuals but this movie truly took the cake from its predecessors.   Each detail was meticulously animated and colored for a specific mood and or them and the colors used for the hidden world were so vibrant from the rest that it just drew audience members to a bewildered state.

Was this movie as good as it was hyped to be? For the majority of the movie, yes. It was definitely worth it to see the movie just for the “resolution” to all the previews and speculation.  However this movie could have been better if Grimmel had more development and a backstory that would captivate the audience.  Other than that it’s an all around beautiful movie.