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Why the MARVELous world of comic books is on the rise

Ryan Hinojosa, Photo Editor

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Back in 1939, when they were introduced, comics were SUPER popular, and even now here in 2016 (contrary to what you might believe) they’re doing just as well according to Lauro Guerra. Guerra is your local nerd, and owns one of the few comic stores around, Bedrock City Comics.

Guerra doesn’t only sell comics, but also games, merchandise, collectibles, and all in valuable condition. Bedrock carries the classic collectible comics, along with the new ongoing series.

“We’ve got everything a nerd could want,” he said, “or even starter stuff for newbies.”

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You’d think that this kind of stuff doesn’t sell as well as back then, but you’d be wrong. Comic sales have been steadily growing since their introduction to American society back in the 30s. According to, comics have nearly doubled in sales and popularity since 1997. And projections show them growing even faster in the future.

Not to mention the recent explosion of mainstream comic characters because of the success of the Marvel movies. Lots of people watch TV shows and movies that they never realize are adapted from comics. Even shows like The Walking Dead originated in comics, and because of that, those who look into it are buying comics now.

So the industry hasn’t been dying at all, it’s in fact grown exponentially.

“Comics, like all media, is an escape in times of stress,” Guerra said. He explains how even in times of economic or political problems, like those upcoming in our country, people are still going to be spending money on comics, if only to get out of our world, and into one of wonder.

And he has some great thoughts on the whole subject. Here he explains some of the reasons YOU should read comics, and all the lessons you can learn, characters you can connect with, and people you can meet.

Reading comics is a great hobby to become involved in, and there’s a great place to start… Bedrock City Comic Company, located at:Image result for bedrock city comics

4683 FM 1960 West

Houston, TEXAS 77069

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Why the MARVELous world of comic books is on the rise