The Cougar Claw

2010 Apple lineup unveiled

Jeff Lutz

September 8, 2010

September 1st made the holidays seem even closer when Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled a new anthology of iPods including new generation iPod Touch, Nano, and Shuffle. On top of Apple’s iPod releases, Apple also announced the release...

Former Coog now messin’ with Sasquatch

Jeff Lutz

September 2, 2010

Commercials are apart of our culture and influence our lives in many ways. Whether it be quoting funny catch-lines or anxiously waiting for the next commercial that will make you rewind your DVR, commercials are large components...

Local family raises awareness for Leukemia

Staff reports

September 2, 2010

Seven months ago, Traci and James Underwood (a special operations soldier) brought Holden Thomas into the world.  Holden proved to be a happy, jubilant, mellow baby … until one day, his father and grandmother found bruises...

Avatar is back with the special edition!

Allison Harthan

September 2, 2010

James Cameron's film Avatar was so popular when it came out in late 2009 it grossed $is back with the special edition. Avatar grossed a grand total of a billion dollars world-wide, but in case you're one of the handful that mis...

Much more than a bunch of bull

Katie Morrison

August 4, 2010

Cows. Pigs. Farmers. Ask most high school students what the FFA program is all about, and their answers skew toward the old-school image of these future farmers. Technology. Science. Agriculture. These are the hallmarks...

Top 10% rule narrows college options

Jake Morgan

August 3, 2010

More and more high school students who crave the culture, brand name, sprawling campuses, and the serious football of a big state university are meeting their needs outside the Lone Star State. Conventional wisdom states Texas’...

Balancing school, work can be tough

By Emily Sowell

July 21, 2010

High school can sometimes seem overbearing and overwhelming. This is especially true when a student attempts to balance successfully maintaining a part-time job with consistently doing well in class. “Having a job during ...

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