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Field Crew pumped up for new season

Yell leaders spur student spirit at games
Kylee Nau
Field Crew keeps the crowd pumped up at the football games.

Field Crew leads the students in cheering and spirit during football games. The No.1 duty they acquire in Field Crew is spirit. The “yell leaders” which is usually the students in Field Crew on the sidelines will mainly help cheer on our Varsity football team and help the student section cheer them on as well.

 “Be bold and be brave.” said Morgan Adams, Field Crew President. 

As a yell leader they will have to call out cheers towards the student section. Although it could be ignored by the students, it’s best if they strive to be loud and bold.

“I am looking forward to building confidence to do more and go out of my comfort zone.” said Jozlynn Garcia, a new member of Field Crew.

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As a member of the field crew they have multiple duties and or responsibilities so you might see them helping out with equipment, running through the signs, and attending the  away and home football games.

They are so excited for the football season as they have many new members joining Field Crew and past members returning for the 2023-2024 school year.


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