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The art of comfort

Cunningham becomes everyone’s comfort teacher
Diego Tovar
Stella Cunningham in her natural habitat

Amidst the chaos of high school life, it can become pretty difficult to remember to take a breath and admire one’s surroundings. With the stress of class and extracurriculars, even finding the time to take a break can prove to be more difficult than some would think. However, students have managed to find a place to call their refuge; Mrs. Cunningham’s room.

Stella Cunningham, an art teacher, greets students with a welcoming smile and an even more welcoming room. With an ever-present community, many people find themselves calling that room their newfound home. 

Cunningham has been an art and sculpture teacher for five years. Throughout these years, many students have found themselves drawn to her comforting spirit. With more and more students wanting to go to her classroom every day, many wonder why is it everyone wants to go there. It’s because she is their comfort teacher. 

“I think my students know when to tell me things because they seek help when needed, especially if it’s something that’s putting them in danger,” Cunningham said. “They know when I’ll go to the next step.”

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The art of comfort is something that Cunningham has mastered, unknowingly, as many students have stated throughout her career. There’s no technique to this skill, it comes naturally, especially to everyone’s beloved teacher.

A lot of my students say I have the type of energy that allows them to open up,” Cunningham said. “Also, the fact that I don’t mind responding to what students have to say probably helps.”

Just like Cunningham, her room is welcoming. Many say she is non-judgemental and kind; her room reflects that every time someone walks through the doorway.

“I think I come here because of the welcoming atmosphere and the safety that I feel from both the teacher and the room itself,” senior Lorenza Romero said.

She and many of her students love and cherish the moments lived in room 1339. Whether it be during Cougar Block or Ceramics Club, Mrs. Cunningham never fails to establish a caring, mother-like figure for many of her students.

“The comfort I feel from her classroom is something I haven’t been able to find anywhere else in this school,” senior Alex Morales said. “Even though at times there could be a completely full classroom, I can still feel like I’m in my own world and feel safe in where I am and what I say.”

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