StuCo’s impact often overlooked


Courtesy of Yearbook

Members of the yell leaders have fun before the annual Patriotic Show.

Carly Beleau, Photo Editor

Many of the students take pride in being on sports teams or attending the games, but many non-sport groups go underappreciated.

Student Council has worked hard to make this year as fun as it can be. From the virtual pep-rally to yell leaders at football games, they take pride in making the students happy. Many people don’t understand that StuCo is behind many of the events held by the school, and how much work they put into making them happen.

“StuCo is underappreciated because we do everything for everyone around the school, yet we get nothing in return. Not that we need anything back, but a simple thank you would be nice,” said Kylle Huey, Student Council yell leader.

Tammy Baker, the Student Council Sponsor, works hard every day to make StuCo productive and enjoyable. She often stays late at school to put together every event that the student body loves.

Student Council is so much more than a club. The definition of a club is a group of people, organizations, or nations having something in common. Yes, technically Stucco does fall under that category, but unlike every other club at Tomball High they give back to the school and the community.

The group leaders in Student Council can have up to three meetings a week. They do this to plan things for the upcoming weeks and to help the other stucco members have a less stressful experience. The leaders do what they can to get people to join.

“I like all the opportunities to serve the student body and to raise school spirit,” member Spencer McCarthy said.

Despite all the underappreciated hard work, StuCo members do love what they do. Student Council is a very good group to join for many reasons: it looks good on college applications, it helps with self-confidence and meeting people, it gives you volunteer hours, and it is an all around enjoyable way to spend your time. Everyone in StuCo constantly lifts each other up and pushes their peers to be the best versions of themselves that they can be.