No Cougar Block, but you can still take advantage of new advisory period


Faithlyn Leveillee

Homework op-ed cartoon.

Jenna Jaffray, Editor-in-Chief

The brand new schedule this school year, which features advisory instead of Cougar Block, has taken a little while to get used to for returning students.

Advisory is more than just a study hall, though, allotting time for daily announcements and consistency in programs such as Character Strong. 

With less freedom than Cougar Block and a designated lunch period, many students are struggling with utilizing advisory to the best of their ability.

Here are some ways to take advantage of advisory:

  • “Think about upcoming events, current assignments, and your own schedule to know when you are going to have time at home to complete things and when you won’t due to extra-curricular or personal events,” Principal Chris Scott advises.
  • Set one specific goal of something you’d like to accomplish or finish during the advisory period.
  • Put your phone away to eliminate the main source of distraction when trying to work.
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do too many things at once.
  • If you find yourself losing focus, take a break for a few minutes and begin again once you’ve re-focused.
  • Ask teachers questions you have through schoology so you can get direct and quick feedback. 

For virtual students, following a set schedule can be difficult. However, a daily routine can keep you on track to complete all assignments. Following the bell schedule and taking a break for advisory during the time you would have in person can help establish a routine and keep you from losing focus.

For TVS and F2F students, advisory is a new addition that, when utilized correctly, can be beneficial.