Top 5 Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Her

Top 5 Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Her

Elise Guerra, Staff Writer

Sometimes buying a Christmas gift for a girl can be difficult. Girls can be very hard to shop for but all girls have the similarities of what they usually do and don’t like. This is a list which was female approved on what they would like for Christmas for $30 or under.

Girls all have different opinions on what they want to lug around with them to carry things like sweaters or wallets: Purse of mini backpack? Mini backpacks have gotten quite a lot of attention with female friends who believe that it’s just easier or cuter. Adidas has become such a popular brand in the past couple of years and luckily, they have a mini backpack which would be perfect.


Polaroids are starting to become more popular because of the fact that they’re small and instantly give you pictures of you and your friends that you can save forever. Whether you want to put them on your walls or in your phone cases, you can purchase colored films to give a picture a little extra pop.

Polaroid Tropics Edition Color Instant Film


Ever looked at a friends wrist and see them wearing super cute scrunchies which a female friend is just dying to have? You can buy sets of scrunchies for cheap and high quality at the website listed down below! No more need to have thick and long hair covering your neck when you can get these super cute velvet scrunchies.

Allie Mini Velvet Scrunchie Set


It’s exam season and females are getting more and more stressed when studying for their AP exams, let’s give them a couple minutes of relaxation with this awesome moon mask by glossier.

Moisturizing Moon Mask

Females LOVE bath bombs and would appreciate getting a new bath bomb from lush to accompany their 20 minute moon mask session. Time to relax and hop in the tub to forget that stress from finals, ladies!
Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb


Gifts for her can be inexpensive and affordable with a totally cute look to accompany her appreciation. It’s time to save up money in order to make her smile on Christmas day.