Stallones remembered as a kind soul

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Stallones remembered as a kind soul

Ren Elizalde, Staff Writter

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Victim remembered as a kind soul

Case Closed: 25 years after brutal murder, justice served


For over 60 years, 82-year-old Mildred Stallones lived in a yellow rural house located in a small eventless town she called home, Tomball.

She lived as a dedicated teacher for 25 years. Started her career in a one-room schoolhouse and for many years worked for the Tomball School District, as both, a special needs teacher and a librarian at Tomball Elementary School.

“Mrs. Stallones was a friendly, caring lady,” Bruce Hillegeist, president of Greater Tomball Area Chamber Of Commerce, said. “Her students loved her and respected her as her many church and Tomball friends.”

Even after retiring, Ms. Stallone would still be active in the community and her work and kindness would still be praised by her friends and neighbors; “A very loved lady in town,” said her son, Leighton Stallones, to a local newspaper.

Late August 9th, Mrs. Stallones heard some commotion at night. Without a chance of answering the door, drunken Alfredo Ramirez-Rojas -a Mexican migrant worker-, would barge in and violently began assaulting her.    

Mildred would not be the easy prey for Alfredo. Attempting to defend herself, a bunch of canes hung in her door would be her best chance. But her efforts, police speculate, lead to him becoming increasingly angry and beat her in the face till she would no longer offer any resistance.

The 82-year-old woman was found by the police sexually assaulted, with her face bloody and swollen, nightgown around her neck and canes scattered on the ground. Alfredo Ramirez-Rojas fled back to Mexico leaving behind nothing but bloody pants and a bloody incident at a quiet little town in Texas.

“Who would take advantage of such a defenseless older adult? The rape, the beating, the murder; it’s all horrific,” Hillegeist said. “It was just a big city crime taking place in Tomball.”

A place that started by representing safety and comfort, ended up causing the rise of suspiciousness, doubt and fear all around the community. People shocked and concerned about how a murder of this vicious nature could’ve happened in a small eventless town where everybody could rely on the quality of life being really “pleasant” -as many of its inhabitants describe it-.

Twenty-three years passed before the police could catch him. 23 years of countless calls from a desperate son, many authorities as well as major security agencies. According to officials, in order for Mexican authorities to extradite Alfredo Ramirez-Rosas back to the U.S. to stand trial, the death penalty had to be taken off the table.

“An emotional situation, relief I guess is certainly the right word to have this nightmare at least beginning to come to a close,” Leighton told the Houston Chronicle.

Alfredo Ramirez Rojas is now facing a 210-years jail sentence for the crimes of sexual assault, murder and burger. A “big city crime” finally came to an end bringing now peace and relief for the Stallones family.

“Mrs. Stallones is still missed, mourned-and her legacy lives because of the wonderful life she lived- and shared with those who were to blessed to know her,” Hillegeist said,


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