The websites that cure senior, junior headaches


Leanne Haas, co-editor in chief

Leap year has snuck up on seniors, as many are now realizing they only have three months of high school left. Juniors are finding themselves months away from their last summer before senior year- affectionately nicknamed the “last summer of freedom”. Many are already applying for scholarships and even college, which can be stressful for students who still don’t know what college they want to go, with little knowledge of the colleges that interest them.

Here’s a list to help out the hair-pulling process of college and scholarship searches.


College Week Live

This is a very helpful site that allows prospective students to learn more about their college choices more personally than a regular internet search could provide. Students can chat with college reps and have their questions answered in real time. There are also scholarship drawings available for participating students in the events.



This website helps kids find their dream school, while helping them find scholarships that are fitting for them personally. This increases a student’s chances of getting a scholarship. Create a profile, check some boxes, and you’re done. It’s a lot less stressful than going through Google searches or scholarship pamphlets- and most of the scholarships can be applied for completely online.



Cappex is a lot like Zinch in that it matches students to schools and scholarships based on their profile and preferences. They also hold their own scholarships run by the website. The best part about Cappex scholarships is that they are usually very easy to apply for and the usual amount offered is $1,000- a great bargain in exchange for 5 minutes of filling out an application.

This last website is a tried and true place to find nearly every scholarship available. Students can look through the categories to find specific scholarships that interest them. Simple and fast.