Debate continues: PlayStation or Xbox?


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Ashton Wallace, Staff Writer

Which is better, Xbox or PlayStation?

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A nearly 20 year old rivalry is still going on, affecting the children today. The rivalry is between the two consoles, PlayStation and Xbox. There are many argues on which and how one is better than the other. Although PlayStation is a truly original console linked to nostalgia of teens and young adult’s childhoods, people still view Xbox as a superior gaming system.

The very first PlayStation was released in 1994, the Xbox was not made until 2001, making the PlayStation first to ever have an effect on lives between the two. The sounds of turning on the PlayStation 2 send back an odd memory of the loud and long start up sound effect that the people today long to hear again, reminding them of all they played as a child.

Another way the PlayStation is the superior console The PlayStation’s controller is symmetrical unlike the weirdly designed Xbox’s. Many argue that having an unsymmetrical controller allows for faster hand movement, although every controller made from different consoles before Xbox all used at least a semi symmetrical controller look.

The seven year difference between the making of the consoles allowed PlayStation to get a head start on making games to link to nostalgia. They had games such as ridge racer, the Street Fighter movie game, Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, and more.

“The only thing Xbox was good for is Halo…And then they ruined Halo,” Greg Valdez said.

PlayStations design makes it easy to handle and move around.

“PlayStation is better because controllers are symmetrical and the PlayStation set up is more simple and easy to work with and also, the PlayStation is smaller and easier to take places,” Bella Marburger said.

Both PlayStation and Xbox are coming out with new consoles and PlayStation has completely changed their look and it looks weird, but cool. It looks like something from the future.

“They’re exclusive when it comes to games and I enjoy the look of the PlayStation more,” Emli Mercer said.