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Movie review: Silence

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Movie review: Silence

Charlie Bose, Sports Editor

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Inspirational and heartbreaking would be the best way to describe this movie (based off a book).

It’s about the brutal persecution of Christians in Japan during the 17th century, a story rivaling The Passion of the Christ. 

Protagonists Garupe and Rodrigues go to Japan in order to find their lost mentor, Padre Ferreira, when rumor has it Ferreira committed apostasy as a result of the mass torture and genocide being inflicted upon Christians.

The film is inspiring because of the Japanese Christians’ unwavering faith in God, regardless of their terrifying circumstances. In a way, it makes me feel better knowing how fortunate we, as Christians, have it in America.

Their faith also reflects the faith of many early Christians during the reign of Roman Emperor Nero.

It was also intriguing in how, due to the high mortality rate of priests, Mokichi (which roughly translates as ‘Pastor’) were appointed to conduct basic priestly duties such as baptism. This is normally forbidden by the Catholic Church.

Also intriguing was the symbolism within the film such as a character named Kichijiro, who represents humanity itself.

Rodrigues is played by Andrew Garfield, Garupe is played by Adam Driver (known for his role as Kylo Ren in Star Wars), and Ferreira is played by Liam Neeson.


A Japanese Christian being crucified, even given vinegar instead of water in order to further mock the other Christians






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Movie review: Silence